Don't miss the hilarious moment Prince Charles refuses to have his hair cut in Cuba

It's a must-see

Stephanie Lowe

Prince Charles and his wife Camilla have been enjoying the picturesque sights and classic Guantanamera tunes of Cuba since arriving on Sunday, and on Monday the grandfather-to-be made a surprising visit to a barber's shop - only to refuse having his hair cut! It was during his guided tour of the beautiful Calle de Los Mercaderes, a cobbled, car-free street of Old Havana, that the Prince took a break from meeting the locals to pop into Salon Corrreo - where he took a seat in the original 1950s chair. Owner Josephine Nando tried to get the royal to let her cut his locks, "Please, just a little bit!" she asked, only to be politely told no with a shake of the head. "I've just come in here for the air conditioning," Prince Charles joked! Scroll down to watch the hilarious video.

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