Quiz: Which royal dog are you, from the Queen's corgi to Meghan's pooch Guy?

Find your regal spirit animal

Carla Challis

The royal family's dogs have long been living in the lap of luxury for decades. When you're one of the Queen's corgis, a regular Monday might be starring in a James Bond sketch before going for walkies around Sandringham Palace. And for Kate Middleton's dog Lupo, stealing the show in family photos is just your thing while for Meghan Markle's rescue dog Guy, sharing the backseat of a car with the Queen is NBD. Even Queen Victoria's dog, a Border Collie named Sharp, was considered so important that a royal portrait was commissioned of him. And like all pups, they have their own personalities and traits, which got us thinking, which royal dog are we most like? Take our fun personality quiz to see which royal dog you are…