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Zara and Mike Tindall's best aunt and uncle moments

The loved-up couple married in 2011…

Split of Mike and Zara Tindall with Savannah Phillips

Zara and Mike Tindall are every inch the doting parents, to their three children, Mia, nine, Lena, four and baby Lucas.

Talking about how Zara as a mother the former rugby star, revealed exactly what he thought of his adoring wife's instincts when chatting to HELLO! at the Legends of Rugby Dinner back in February.

He revealed: "Her passion her compassion, her dedication, I think they are the foundations of any great mother, it's just born in. She punishes herself for going to work because she doesn't want to leave them, I take my hat off to all women out there."

Their incredible parental instincts are also part of what makes the happy couple the most caring aunt and uncle to their nieces, 12-year-old Savannah and 11-year-old, Isla Phillips.

Keep scrolling to see Zara and Mike's sweetest aunt and uncle moments…

Zara Tindall hugging Savannah Phillips

It's safe to say that Zara couldn't get enough of her adorable niece Savannah in September 2017, when they headed to the Whatley Manor Horse Trials at Gatcombe Park in Stroud.

The daughter of Princess Anne was captured bending down to welcome in the biggest cuddle from the youngster. So sweet!

Mike Tindall giving Isla and Savannah Phillips a piggy back

In June 2017, Mike Tindall was spotted in full uncle mode when he gave Isla and Savannah a double piggy-back at the Maserati Royal Polo Trophy match during the Gloucestershire Festival of Polo at Beaufort Polo Club in Tetbury.

The trio appeared to be having a wonderful time as they made their way across the grass and in the heartwarming shot, which was taken with them facing away from the camera. There is even a small glimpse of Mike and Savannah's joyous faces.

Zara Tindall holding Savannah Phillips

The daughters of Peter and Autumn Phillips had their equestrian training started from a very young age thanks to their aunt Zara who could be seen enthusiastically pointing at the showjumping whilst attending the Gatcombe Horse Trials at Gatcombe Park, in March 2012.

In the photo, little Savannah is being held by her loving auntie - and looked very enthralled by the display!

Mike Tindall carrying Savannah Phillips

More heartfelt photos from the Beaufort Polo Club in 2017 saw Mike continuing his uncle antics as he was photographed carrying his niece Savannah sideways as she gripped onto his arm tightly and beaming from ear to ear.

Mike too couldn't look happier as he appeared to be jogging in the sunshine with his niece, with a huge grin on his face.

© Zara cuddling Savannah phillips

Zara Phillips was having a whale of a time playing with her niece Savannah at the Golden Metropolitan Polo Club Charity Cup polo match which took place at the Beaufort Polo Club, in 2012.

She was captured giggling away alongside her former sister-in-law, Autumn Phillips, who was sweetly holding Isla. Both Prince Harry and Prince William played at the exciting tournament.

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