• Make bath time your time

    Make bath time your time

    In the summer we tend to hop in and out of the shower to cool down and freshen up, but as the evenings get darker, there's nothing quite like a…

  • Tired legs: make time for massage

    Tired legs: make time for massage

    There's nothing like taking long walks on the beach, either wading the shallow salt-water or on the sand, to relax and tone your legs. But when the…

  • Aromatherapy during pregnancy

    Aromatherapy during pregnancy

    In aromatherapy, essential oils are extracted from natural or plant souces to help treat an ailment or maintain a person's well-being. Today, it is a…

  • Aromatherapy for new mothers

    Aromatherapy for new mothers

    There are so many things on your mind when you have a new baby and one of the last and most forgotten of those tends to be you yourself! This article…

  • Insiders' guide to... aromatherapy

    Insiders' guide to... aromatherapy

    It’s a powerful therapy that nourishes skin and can be used for general wellbeing, too, but not many of us know exactly how aromatherapy works. So…

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