• Spiced Pumpkin Roulade

    Spiced Pumpkin Roulade

    Dish type: DessertServes: 6Cooking and preparation time: 45 minutesIngredientsFor the filling:375ml Chobani Low Fat Plain Greek Yogurt4 oz…

  • Pumpkin and Chorizo Soup

    Pumpkin and Chorizo Soup

    Dish type: Soup Serves 6Cooking and preparation time: 1 hourIngredients½ a pumpkin – approx 1kg 1 white onion, chopped1 tbsp olive oil1 tsp ground…

  • Wasabi Devilled Eggs

    Wasabi Devilled Eggs

    Dish type: StarterServes: 6Preparation and cooking time: 10 minutesIngredients6 large eggs, boiled for 8 minutes200g mayonnaise1 ½ teaspoons wasabi…

  • The perfect pumpkin pie

    The perfect pumpkin pie

    Dish type: DessertCooking and preparation time: 1 hour and 30 minutesServes: 12IngredientsFor the pastry:315g Plain flour150g Unsalted butter75ml…

  • Children's carrot cake muffins

    Children's carrot cake muffins

    Dish type: DessertPreparation and cooking time: 35 minutesServes: 4Ingredients 225g butter, softened225g soft light brown sugar3 eggs,…

  • Sweet potato cake

    Sweet potato cake

    Dish type: Dessert Preparation and cooking time: 45 minutes Serves: 12 Ingredients1 whole sweet potato8oz butter8oz caster sugar4 medium free range…

  • Chocolate beetroot brownies

    Chocolate beetroot brownies

    Dish type: Dessert Preparation and cooking time: Serves: 12Ingredients190g Dark chocolate 190g Butter (unsalted)250g Caster sugar3 Free range medium…

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