• Cafe cooking with Rosie Lovell

    Cafe cooking with Rosie Lovell

    Rosie Lovell is a young cafe owner in buzzing Brixton market serving up all manner of good food to her regular customers. Brixton market has recently…

  • Sensational savoury cheesecake

    Sensational savoury cheesecake

    Ingredients (Serves 6-8) 200g/7oz medium or rough oatcakes, finely crushed 125g/4½oz butter, melted 250g/9oz full-fat soft cheese 250g/9oz ricotta 3…

  • Little lemon cheese tarts

    Little lemon cheese tarts

    Ingredients (Makes 12) 250g/9oz ready-to-roll shortcrust pastry 2 tbsp lemon curd 100g/4oz curd or full-fat soft cheese 2 large British Lion eggs…

  • Baked vanilla cheesecake

    Baked vanilla cheesecake

    Ingredients (Serves 6-8) 250g/9oz digestive biscuits, crushed 50g/2oz melted butter 225g/8oz plain cottage cheese 200g/7oz soft cheese 125g/41/2oz…

  • Sinful cheesecake

    Sinful cheesecake

    Ingredients (Serves 6-8) 100g/4oz digestive biscuits 150g/5oz amaretti biscuits 75g/3oz melted butter 150g/5oz milk chocolate, broken into pieces…

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