Chocolate Cake

  • Chocolate crisp hedgehog cake

    Chocolate crisp hedgehog cake

    This novelty cake will appeal to young children and make an ideal birthday cake.Serves 8IngredientsFor the cake100g (4 oz) self raising flour, sifted…

  • Chocolate cake

    Chocolate cake

    Ingredients (Makes 1, serves 8) 200g/7oz dark chocolate (at least 70% cocoa solids), broken into pieces 250g/9oz cooked beetroot (not in vinegar)…

  • Chocolate beetroot cake

    Chocolate beetroot cake

    Ingredients (Serves 8-10) 250g/9oz cooked beetroot (fresh or vacuum-packed), chopped 1 tsp vanilla extract 200ml/7fl oz sunflower oil 3 eggs, beaten…

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