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Give your healthy eating regime a fresh start with HELLO!’s guide to the best diet plans for a healthy lifestyle. Find out what the A-list are eating to stay healthy with the latest news on celebrity diets, and get inspired with our ideas and advice for healthy eating. From diet plans to recipe and snack ideas, through to the latest healthy eating trends, you'll find it all here.

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  • Feed your skin

    Feed your skin

    Have you ever stopped to consider that the health of your skin depends on many factors, not just your skin-care routine? One of the most important…

  • Three keys to a flat stomach

    Three keys to a flat stomach

    Many of us battle with extra kilos that seem to head straight for the tummy area, but if you want to turn a fat belly into a flat belly, there are…

  • Your nails' worst enemies

    Your nails' worst enemies

    If you want beautiful hands, you need to take care of your nails. And that means being aware of factors and habits that can be damaging to them. A…

  • Your skin's worst enemies

    Your skin's worst enemies

    Internal and external, personal and social, a range of factors affects how your skin ages. But many of these factors are lifestyle choices and in at…

  • Five simple summer beauty tips

    Five simple summer beauty tips

    We've all been looking forward to the summer - not least because it brings the holidays! Not only does it give us a chance to break with the routine…

  • How much water does your body need?

    How much water does your body need?

    The exact figure depends on health, sex, age, lifestyle and the climate we live in, but on average, our bodies are 65% water. And each day we lose…

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