• Rhubarb ginger apple

    Rhubarb ginger apple

    Ingredients 50ml rhubarb infused Beefeater Gin 75ml apple and rhubarb juice (Beefeater recommends Chegworth Valley) If you cannot get Chegworth use…

  • I'm dreaming of a Ginger Christmas!

    I'm dreaming of a Ginger Christmas!

    For fans of simple, natural skincare and beauty goodies that are free from chemicals but still super-effective, an Origins gift will bring pleasure…

  • Carrot cake

    Carrot cake

    Ingredients (Serves 12) 400g/14oz carrots, peeled and roughly chopped 1 piece stem ginger in sugar syrup, plus 1 tbsp of the sugar syrup 2 tbsp cold…

  • Rhubarb and ginger cooler

    Rhubarb and ginger cooler

    A while ago a few companies starting making fantastic new vodkas. Do watch out though because some are fruit mixed with pure spirit as opposed to the…

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