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Japanese recipes and dishes.

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  • Miso and shitake broth

    Miso and shitake broth

    Serves 4IngredientsSplash olive oil4 dried shitake – add 250ml of boiling water & soak for 20 minutes1 sachet miso soup with spirulina - soaked in…

  • Annabel Karmel's sushi rolls

    Annabel Karmel's sushi rolls

    Makes: 1 portionIngredients1 x 80 g tin (or ½ x 160g tin) tuna in sunflower oil2 tbsp mayonnaise1 and a half tbsp tomato ketchup2 drops of Tabasco…

  • California rolls

    California rolls

    Energy intake: 422 kcal per roll (6 pieces)IngredientsSalmon, wasabi creamcheese and lemonFor the covering40g smoked salmon slices6 very fine slices…

  • How to make perfect sushi rice

    How to make perfect sushi rice

    600ml short-grain sushi rice (this is best measured by volume)120ml sushi rice seasoning vinegar (Clearspring make a good version)You will need a…

  • Salmon and prawn nigiri

    Salmon and prawn nigiri

    These are the favourite sushi in Japan, and were the first type. They are dainty and bite-sized. Each recipe below makes 1 piece, simply scale up to…

  • Pho soup

    Pho soup

    Dish type: Soup, StarterServes 4For the broth3 litres of water2 tablespoons salt1 unpeeled garlic bulb2 large unpeeled onions100g unpeeled ginger1 kg…

  • Prawn laksa noodles

    Prawn laksa noodles

    Preparation time: 5 minutesCooking time: 8 minutesServes: 4Ingredients:200g flat dried rice noodles185g Laksa Paste (found in most Asian…