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  • Kitchen tip: staying sharp

    Kitchen tip: staying sharp

    Keeping your kitchen knives sharp is critical to both your cooking ability and your kitchen safety – blunt knives cause far more injuries than…

  • Kitchen tip: infuse your booze

    Kitchen tip: infuse your booze

    You’ve probably sampled a flavoured vodka or spirit at a bar in a fancy cocktail. They’re doing the rounds – a key ingredient for mixologists…

  • Kitchen tip: the big freeze

    Kitchen tip: the big freeze

    Most of us tend to cram as much as we possibly can in the freezer. Indeed – we’d probably all have a chest freezer as well if we could. This is…

  • Kitchen tip – tempering chocolate

    Kitchen tip – tempering chocolate

    Ever wondered when you melt chocolate and set it why it goes grainy or white marks appear? It’s because chocolate, in a solid state when you buy it…

  • Runny honey

    Runny honey

    If, like Winnie the Pooh, you love a slathering of honey on your buttered toast, but unlike Pooh don’t have it every day you might have noticed the…

  • OTT Oven

    OTT Oven

    How often have you been cooking in the oven, overloaded a tray or tipped it the wrong way? The usual trick is to push the tin too far back into the…

  • Kitchen tip: Fire and ice

    Kitchen tip: Fire and ice

    We all have the same problem when buying chillies - they come in such bigs bags and we usually only need a whole one. So what to do with the rest?Two…

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