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Every woman knows face care comes first in beauty and if your skin looks great, then so do you. Visit HELLO!'s skin care section for must-read features on new skin care products and the best skin care tips, from both industry experts and celebrities themselves. We've got info on the best budget creams for your local supermarkets and tips from the likes of Drew Barrymore on dealing with those annoying red patches.

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  • Stop the sag

    Stop the sag

    Sagging skin affects some parts of the body in particular: buttocks, breasts, arms and especially the abdomen. These are the areas where loss of skin…

  • Don't neglect your neck

    Don't neglect your neck

    It's human nature to leave things till the last minute, to forget about taking care of our health until the day we feel sick, and to forget about…

  • Three keys to combat stress

    Three keys to combat stress

    Did you know that stress can add years to your complexion? Tension and worry provoke a veritable avalanche of free radicals, as well as generating…

  • Spring into the new season

    Spring into the new season

    We've had the spring equinox and spring is officially with us; the days are getting longer, the birds are nesting, gardens are bursting with life,…

  • Tread softly

    Tread softly

    Not only are calluses and patches of hard skin on the feet unsightly, they can also be incredibly painful. What makes this worse for sufferers is the…

  • The answer's a lemon

    The answer's a lemon

    We all know the lemon is high in vitamin C, and that taken with honey it's a traditional home remedy to soothe sore throats. It's also an essential…

  • Acne: adolescent angst and beyond

    Acne: adolescent angst and beyond

    When you're an adolescent and your skin erupts in pimples just before a big date, it can be tempting to reassure yourself that at least you'll grow…

  • Get into good habits

    Get into good habits

    Sometimes, although we know we shouldn't, it's tempting to skimp on our beauty routines. But the start of the year is a great time to take stock, so…

  • New Year skin care

    New Year skin care

    Hopefully you enjoyed a wonderful Christmas season with friends and family; sadly, though, all that festive fun won't have done your complexion any…

  • Feed your skin

    Feed your skin

    Have you ever stopped to consider that the health of your skin depends on many factors, not just your skin-care routine? One of the most important…

  • Beauty question: is water enough?

    Beauty question: is water enough?

    Water has always been the most accessible and natural cleanser, and there's no doubt that there's a place for it in your beauty routine. But, simply…

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