• Anjum Anand's Indian gulab jamun

    Anjum Anand's Indian gulab jamun

    "These are really delicious and one of India’s favourite little desserts. They are made with reduced milk normally but as that takes a lot of time…

  • Luscious Lollies recipe

    Luscious Lollies recipe

    INGREDIENTS200g/7oz Carnation Condensed Milk Light275g/10oz fresh fruit such as strawberries, rinsed and hulled100ml/4fl oz fruit juice – a red…

  • Cinder toffee

    Cinder toffee

    Ingredients 185g golden caster sugar6 tbs golden syrup2 tsp bicarbonate of sodaMethodFill your sink about an inch or so deep with ice cold water.Line…

  • It's short but sweet for Elisha

    It's short but sweet for Elisha

    She may have spent her days as Jack Bauer's daughter fleeing kidnap and bomb blasts in 24, but now that she's dusted off the debris, Elisha Cuthbert…

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