• Colour and care: Hair loss test

    Colour and care: Hair loss test

    If you're worried the amount of hair you're losing is unusual, here's a simple test: pull your hair between finger and thumb and if more than five…

  • Wellbeing: Tastier water

    Wellbeing: Tastier water

    If you'd like to drink more water to enable your body to function at its best, but resent spending pounds every day on bottled brands, you can make…

  • Health: hayfever hints

    Health: hayfever hints

    Did you know that for optimum results from your hayfever treatments you should really start using them a couple of weeks before the onset of the…

  • Anti-aging: Don't get exposed

    Anti-aging: Don't get exposed

    Use daily SPF protection on the upper chest, as well as the face – it's just as exposed (unless you're into polo necks), but is thin and…

  • Get the look: Pro eye-opening tip

    Get the look: Pro eye-opening tip

    Estee Lauder's make-up artist Kay Mantano let us in on a little tip to brighten eyes – apply a tiny dab of concealer at the outer corners, too, and…

  • Health: Catch out coldsores

    Health: Catch out coldsores

    If you're prone to coldsores, steer clear of chocolate and nuts when you're vulnerable - they contain an amino acid, L-arginine, that feeds the…

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