This mum getting her four toddlers ready for bed is our hero

Every parent understands the struggle of getting their little ones ready for bed but when you're dealing with triplets and an older toddler, the task can get a little trickier.


Canadian mother, Corrie-Lynn Whyte shows everyone how it's done when it comes to multi-tasking with toddlers running around.

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Corrie-Lynn gets her triplets and toddler ready for bed

The funny video shows the mother-of-four placing her four kids on a double bed as she begins to dress all of them in their individual babygrows, ready for bed time.

In the clip, which is presented in a comical slapstick style, the four blonde toddlers wriggle around and cheekily run away while their mum attempts the evening ritual of changing their clothes.

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Posted by The Baby Gang on Thursday, February 4, 2016

The funny video has gone viral

Fans of the Facebook group, where the video is posted, were quick to praise the superwoman. "Who'd have thought dressing the triplets would be easier than dressing one little toddler. You deserve a medal Corrie-Lynn. With a smile on your face the whole time too!!," one wrote. "Omg you deserve a big award girl! Seriously the best," another said.

Mum Corrie-Lynn and partner Dan Gibson, who already had two-year-old daughter Emily, welcomed triplets Olivia, Jackson and Levi to their family eight months ago.

Most people would find keeping up with four kids difficult, but Corrie-Lynn is an absolute pro and the video evidence of her skills is quickly circulating on Facebook. The clip was posted to their family blog, The Baby Gang, and has nearly 49 million views on Facebook since it went live, which comes as no surprise.