See the sweet moment baby tells her mum: 'I love you'

Chloe Best

One baby girl has melted hearts around the world after a video of her singing 'I love you' to her mum has gone viral. Father-of-three Dennis Nealy from Arizona recorded his wife Michelle holding their daughter Gemma Kate, in which the 15-month-old adorably mimics everything her mum says.


As the baby girl lies in her arms wrapped in a blanket, Michelle sings "I love you" to her in a high pitched voice. Gemma Kate is silent for a couple of seconds before trying her best to sing it back to her mum in a similar tone.



Gemma Kate watched as her mum sang "I love you" to her

They repeat the exchange several times, with Michelle planting a kiss on her daughter's forehead as she continues to mimic the words.

"Ya Ya Ooooh," she sings into the camera.

The 45-second clip was shared on YouTube by Dennis in September and it has since gone viral, clocking up almost two million views along with a number of comments on how cute Gemma Kate is.

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The little girl tried to mimic her mum's words

"My God she is amazing, I love youuuu. Congratulations for your baby," one wrote. Another commented: "Cute kid. I love how she's trying to mimic her mom. Doesn't quite have the words down yet."

Dennis has replied to a number of comments on the video, admitting he'd felt the video was "too cute" not to share.

"It's been kind of weird seeing them both on the internet all over but it was just too cute not to share," he told one fan.

Replying to another comment that it was someone's favourite baby video on YouTube, he wrote: "We never realized how much happiness and smiles she could bring to everyone!!"