Video of young man dancing with his Alzheimer sufferer great-grandmother will bring tears to your eyes

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An extremely touching video of a young man asking his great-grandmother to dance has gone viral on Facebook and YouTube. Jarryd Stoneman, a 23-year-old from New Zealand, uploaded the clip online and explained that his "nanny" can't remember much but she still knows how to dance.

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For about a year Jarryd has been looking after his 93-year-old relative, Katie Thomas, who suffers from Alzheimer's. Every morning he greets his great-grandmother and turns on the radio, but one day it occurred to him to ask her for a dance.

"Asked nanny for a dance, she can't remember much but she still knows how to move," wrote Jarryd on Facebook.



Jarryd Stoneman's great-grandmother suffers from Alzheimer's

The video showed the pair sweetly swaying to 7 Years by Lukas Graham. Jarryd carefully held on to his great-grandmother and at one point got down on his knees so he could dance at her height. The caring young man also kissed his nanny on the top of her head and on her cheek, and embraced her tightly.

Naturally, the video scored more than 39,000 Facebook shares, with one user commenting, "This pulled a heart string absolutely amazing" and another writing, "Just beautiful, the smile you put on her face is enough to make anyone have a amazing day. So much love and happiness in one video."

"Everyone loves my nana, so I knew it was going to get a good response within the family," Jarryd told local newspaper the Herald on Sunday. "But I had no idea that this was going to happen."


"She's always been a big part of my life from the beginning," said Jarryd

Jarryd stepped in to look after his nanny when his own grandmother developed emphysema and was unable to care for her anymore.

"My mum was about to give up her job and her business to look after my nana full time and I didn't want that for my mum," explained Jarryd. "Mum raised me but she was always there, she's always been a big part of my life from the beginning."

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Posted by Jarryd Stoneman on Wednesday, 2 March 2016

The video has pulled heartstrings all around the world

Nanny is completely unaware of how much love and adoration she and Jarryd have had from the public.

"She doesn't care at all," said Jarryd. "She's in her own little world, she's happy. Everyone comes in and says, 'Nanny, you're famous' and she shakes her head and laughs. She doesn't know how much people adore her."

"I just think more people should seize the opportunity with their grandparents while they're there," he added.