This video of two boys finally uniting with their adoptive parents will make you weep...

Gemma Strong

After an agonising three-year wait, Jennifer Murrow Grover and her husband James were finally united with their adopted sons in a tearful homecoming at Salt Lake City International airport this month. Moving footage of Joseph, 14, and Bronson, seven, running into the arms of their parents has gone viral since Jennifer uploaded it on Facebook on 3 March, and has already been viewed more than five million times.

In 2012 (yes, you read that correctly...2012), we started the adoption process to bring home our two precious sons from the Democratic Republic of Congo. March 1, 2016 11:45pm...

Posted by Jennifer Murrow Grover on Thursday, 3 March 2016

The couple began the process of adopting the two boys from the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2012, but while waiting for the US to approve their visas, Congolese officials placed a suspension of adoptions, forcing Joseph and Bronson to remain in an orphanage with little food, and no running water. Both suffered from malaria.

But on 1 March, after an excruciating wait, they finally came home. "The response has been overwhelming," Jennifer told Us Weekly. "There are people who are saying, 'I grew up in foster care and I wish that day had come for me. I just wanted someone to give me a home.'"

Jennifer and James are the parents of biological children Emily, 19, Brianne, 17, Joshua, 16, and Jeffrey, 12. They adopted Lauren, 14, from Kazakhstan, and Michael, 12, from China. Their son Jacob, who was from China, passed away in 2013.

Joseph and Bronson have already bonded with their siblings. "I was expecting things to be difficult because of their age and the stark contrast in conditions," Jennifer said. “But I was very pleasantly surprised. All the kids have attached in every sense of the word. Last night they had leg wrestles and dance parties in the family room!"

Joseph even started school last week. "He came home from school the first day and said, 'Mum, I have so many friends!'" raved Jennifer. "Him and Bronson are learning to ride bikes together and he was so excited. He kept shouting 'I'm learning! I'm learning!'"