Man copies Jennifer Lopez's dance routine to perfection

Canadian aspiring dancer Troy Miller has gone viral after posting a video of himself perfectly dancing along to Jennifer Lopez's music video choreography for her hit single, Ain't Your Mama.


Standing in his hallway, he throws himself into the dance, faultlessly copying JLo's complicated dance moves. Although he has shared several videos of himself dancing along to pop stars including Britney Spears, Fleur East and Beyonce in the past, it is truly Troy's Ain't Your Mama dance routine that has rocketed him to fame, with the video receiving over three million views and nearly 25 thousand Facebook shares in under just one week.

Fans were quick to praise Troy on his incredible dance moves, with one Facebook user commenting: "Yass Boo! This made my night! Werk it all the way out. Get it troy!", while another wrote:  "I love this guy".

The star was clearly overwhelmed by the sudden attention and posted a status on thank fans on Facebook. He wrote: "Where do I even begin right now? Saying thank you from the bottom of my heart does not even begin to express my gratitude towards the amount of love and support and amazing things that have happened since Saturday. When I say thank you, I mean thank you and I still don't even feel that is enough.

All I've ever wanted was for people to know who I am, and to see my passion for dance, but to have so many respond in such a positive way for me being me and staying true to who I am, is what I am most thankful for."

Since posting the popular Jennifer Lopez video, Troy has gone on to share a video of himself dancing to Meghan Trainor's Me Too, which has so far had over 300 thousand views.