Dads go line dancing with their babies in hilarious video

California-based company Team Groovaroo had the incredible idea to create dance classes especially for parents and their babies, and an adorable video of new dads taking part in one of the brilliant classes with their little ones has gone viral.


Team Groovaroo, who specialise in "funky babywearing line dance classes'", had the new dads dance to Play That Funky Music, and the group rose up to the challenge perfectly.

The group enthusiastically dance along to the choreographed routine with their babies strapped to their chests, performing a hilarious and adorable routine while giving the new mums a chance to catch up with their friends.

The video was captioned: "This is our final 'Mommy Mingle, Daddy Dance' class before the birth of our baby boy, Aemon Koa. For a bunch of dads that claim they don't dance, they were 'dancin' and singin' and movin' to groove' just to show these mamas how much they appreciate them. And that's the greatest love of all!"

The video has already gone viral on Facebook, with an incredible almost 2.4 million views and over 43 thousand shares, and fans of the video have been quick to praise the dads.

One Facebook user commented: "Love it!! Playing the babies like guitars was my favorite!! Awesome job dads!!", while another wrote: "This is so awesome. All the dads kept their hand behind the baby's head".

These dancing dads aren't the only men to make headlines with their moves lately, as aspiring dancer Troy Miller turned heads earlier in May with his perfect rendition of Jennifer Lopez's dance routine for Ain't Your Mama."

The star was so pleased by the surprising attention he received for the dance that he thanked fans on Facebook, saying: " All I've ever wanted was for people to know who I am, and to see my passion for dance, but to have so many respond in such a positive way for me being me and staying true to who I am, is what I am most thankful for".

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