The hilarious way one dad asked his daughter to tone down her 'sexy selfies'

A dad from Washington has found a genius way to get even with his daughter, after he asked her to tone down her "sexy selfies". Chris 'Burr' Martin from Washington decided to recreate his teenage daughter's photos, perfecting the duck face and flaunting his "dad bod".

The first photos on Instagram date back from a couple of months ago, when Chris copied his daughter Cassie's bare midriff pose.

"So my daughter has been posting sexy selfies of herself and instead of telling her to stop, well, I thought of something better," wrote Chris, adding the hashtags #dadbod and #dadselfie.

Took me 3 days to get all the ink
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Chris has been hilariously copying his daughter's selfies

Chris also painted some scribbles on his stomach in a nod to Cassie's tattoos. "Took me 3 days to get all the ink off. lol," he joked.

The comedian has also mimicked his daughter's sultry selfie, of Cassie pouting at the camera and holding her hand up to her face. "#dadselfie," he wrote.

The hilarious parent has even attempted to copy Cassie's smoky eye make-up and seemed particularly proud of his efforts as he added "#nailedit" and "#baddad" to his caption.

The comedian wrote "nailed it" alongside his smoky make-up look

"A while ago some of you saw I was copying the photos my daughter would post on her Facebook, mainly because I told her it looked like she was trying to escort Japanese businessmen and to tone it down," wrote Chris.

"She did a little but I still kept it up because sometimes I'm just bored. So here's the lattest. #nailedit #baddad."

One of Chris' most recent Instagram posts saw him don a revealing tank top and a crown of leaves, in a bid to copy Cassie's boho selfie.

Chris admitted that at first his daughter "rolled her eyes"

Speaking to CNN, Chris explained: "I did it because she posted something and the guys in the comment section were too much. So to put water on the fire, I posted one like it and said, 'What about me, guys?' and that did it."

Speaking about Cassie's reaction, he said: "She rolled her eyes at first, but once she saw her friends thought it was funny, she was okay with it. I enjoy making people laugh."