Meet the best part of the 2016 Olympic Games so far: Tonga's gorgeous flag bearer

The Opening Ceremony of the Rio Olympic Games took place on Friday night, and Tonga stole the show during the Athelete's Parade all thanks to their flag bearer, Pita Nikolas Taufatofua.

The taekwondo athlete picked to be the official flag bearer for Tonga had the audience, and the Internet, in a frenzy after appearing with his fellow athletes shirtless and oiled up while carrying the flag.



The star athelete carried the flag shirtless and covered in oil

Viewers of the Olympic Opening Ceremony took to Twitter to discuss Pita's unique entrance during the Athlete's Parade, leading to the Olympian becoming an instant star overnight. One fan wrote: "Moving to Tonga. Their national dress is a six pack covered in baby oil," while another wrote: "The sound you hear is your wife running away to the Tongan flag bearer."

According to the athlete's Instagram, whose biography description reads: "My dream was to become a Taekwondo Olympian. I now live that dream! If I can - you can," taekwondo and sensationally carrying a flag aren't his only talents. 


The athlete sent the Internet into a frenzy

The star of the Opening Ceremony is also a keen philanthropist, regularly shares snaps of his charitable work on his account and is currently crowdfunding to raise money to fund a training camp for fighters.


Pita regularly does charity work

His Instagram gave an insight into the many hobbies he manages to practise outside of training, which include playing guitar, spearfishing and regularly exercising. In his latest photo, the star has shared a snap of his niece watching him on television during the Olympics, and captioned the post: "Obrigado Brazil and the thousands of volunteers for the best Olympic opening ceremony ever! It was fun, bright and shinier then my coconut oil!


"This is my niece glued to the TV screen thousands of Kilometres away from Rio watching the world march together as one! And now her and millions across the planet will share in the Dream!"

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