86-year-old Grandma marries and gave us wedding dress goals!

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A granddaughter proudly posted a stunning photo of her grandmother, Millie Taylor-Morrison, on her wedding day at the age of 86 – and she looked incredible!

Dressed in a bright lilac floor length gown with a long embellished coat with a matching fascinator, the bride-to-be was radiant as she smiled for the picture while holding a lavish bouquet of lilies. 


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Millie married again aged 86

The caption for the snap, which was shared on Facebook, read: "This is my beautiful grandmother, Millie Taylor-Morrison, who was married over the weekend at 86-years-old. She just turned 86 one week ago and her new husband will be 86 in December.

"My grandmother was married to my grandfather for 41 years when he passed away. She found love again almost 25 years later and our family couldn't be happier for her. This is a true testament that age is just a number and everyone can find love again."

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Her husband is also 86-years-old

The photo, which has now received nearly 100 thousand likes, was greeted by well-wishing congratulating Millie on her wedding day, and opened up about their own parents finding love later in life.

One wrote: "I love this. My Mom is 75 and has had a gentleman companion for a year, I couldn't be happier for her! He treats her like a queen. She has buried two husbands, she took care of both of them through extended illnesses. You are never too old to start a new chapter in your life."

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The grandmother looked simply radiant on her big day

Another added: "I love everything about this picture… Your grandmother is a stunning lady at 86!! I love her dress and the flowers just so beautiful. Congratulations!" 

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