Watch: Twin cries when she finds out her sister is one minute older

Sharnaz Shahid

This is the adorable moment three-year-old Alexis broke down in tears after she found out her twin Ava was one minute older than her. Not taking the news well, their mother Ami McClure tried to reason with her that although they look the same and share the same birthdays, their ages differ by seconds.

"Ava was born one minute older than Alexis; one minute," Ami can be heard saying in the video, before Alexis wells up and replied: "But I want to be older."

"You're one minute younger. You don't have to cry, I can't make you older - she was born first by one minute," her mother noted, while her older sister tried to comfort her, saying: "I'm just one minute older. That's it!"


"She's not bigger than you, or bigger in size, she's just one minute older," the mother added, to which Alexis tearfully replied: "I want to grow."

The twin girls' father Justin, who lives in West Orange, New Jersey, revealed to ABC News that he and his wife started their YouTube channel for their girls in order to "spread positivity".


Alexis, aged three, broke down in tears after she found out her twin Ava was one minute older

"We're a modern family that embraces culture," he explained while noting that his wife is Nigerian and he's from North Georgia. "All along we've tried to be a family that brings joy, especially in this time when there's so much negativity."

Since the video was shared on Facebook, it has incredibly been viewed nearly eight million times and has attracted praise from several social media users.

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