Watch: army dad wraps himself up as a present to surprise daughter he hasn't seen in 2 months!

Hanna Fillingham

This little girl had the best birthday surprise ever! Leah opened up a giant gift on her fourth birthday to reveal her Dad, who has been away in the army for two months.

The sweet video, which was shared by the little girl's mum, Shannon, has had over 8,500 views on Facebook. 

In the heartwarming clip, Leah has no idea her Daddy is hiding in the box and adorably asks her mum to move it nearer to her. Of course, it's a bit too heavy to lift!

When she tears off the final piece of wrapping paper, Leah excitedly yells "Daddy", and runs into his arms.

Speaking to HELLO! Online, Shannon said of surprising her daughter: "Because he was coming back on her birthday I wanted to do something big. I got the idea from someone doing this in America a few years ago and I put my own spin on it. I thought how amazing it would be."

"Me and my mum had lied to her all morning, saying that Daddy wasn't coming home until tomorrow and we said that we had a special present from Daddy. I felt bad lying to her!"

The white lie certainly paid off, as Daddy's girl Leah had a birthday to remember.


Little Leah had no idea her Daddy was inside the box

Shannon has been overwhelmed with positive feedback since sharing her cute family video and explained: "I've had people message me directly saying that it made them smile. That's all I wanted. I just wanted to make a video to make people happy and forget about their own problems for a split second."

However, Leah's camera-shy dad wasn't so keen, with Shannon telling us: "My other half doesn't even like me taking a photo of him so he hates me that it has gone viral!"

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