Watch: little girl dressed as a chicken goes viral in cute 'Chicken Cheech' video

Hanna Fillingham

Is this the most adorable chicken in the world? One little girl, who goes by the name of 'Chicken Cheech', has made quite an impact on the internet - at just 15 months old.

In a sweet video posted by the girl's mum, Chicken Cheech is seen strutting her stuff as she walked along the road on Halloween, complete with feathers, webbed feet and a comb to create her look.

The video has had over 37,000 views on Youtube since being uploaded just four days ago, on 4 November.

Explaining the reasons for the Chicken Cheech costume, her mum wrote on Youtube: "My daughter has been obsessed with chickens for the majority of her 15 month life. So when Halloween rolled around it was only natural for me to make her a chicken costume, or "ticken" as she says it."

"I originally uploaded a short video to Facebook to share with my extended family and friends but soon noticed the views, shares, and comments were increasing at an insane rate.. after getting an overwhelming response from complete strangers I thought it would be fun to start a YouTube channel to share even more "Chicken Cheech" videos. Enjoy!"

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Chicken Cheech took her role very seriously on Halloween this year

The little girl's costume was handmade by her mum, who told one commenter on the Chicken Cheech Facebook page that she has plans to make and sell more in the future. But will they come in adult sizes too?

Explaining the story behind her sweet little chicken's name, the mum wrote: "For those curious, her nickname is 'cheech' given to her when she was just a few weeks old by her daddy." Ahh!

With more videos expected to be uploaded in the near future, viewers are in for an overdose of bite-size chicken cuteness to perk up their day.