Eight-year-old boy delivers baby sister

Emmy Griffiths

An eight-year-old boy named Marcus stepped up after his mum went into labour at home, and ended up delivering his baby sister with the help of a 999 operator. In a clip of the emergency call, the operator can be heard keeping Marcus calm as he talks to her about what is happening, saying: "Oh no I can see a head now."

The eight-year-old was helping with his mum as his dad went outside to greet the ambulance and revealed that he had originally planned to help out by looking after his little brother before he ended up delivering the baby himself. Speaking about delivering baby Freya, the brave boy said: "[I thought,] get this done quickly, hope the paramedics get here soon then I'll just go in with Alexander and keep him quiet. Let's just get the job done."

Speaking about how proud she is of her son, mother-of-two Jodie Griffin said he was "just absolutely amazing. I certainly couldn't have done that when I was eight-years-old absolutely not!" His dad David also spoke about his son's actions: "I don't think it's really sunk in for him," he said. "We're so proud of him. We couldn't believe how calm he was. Marcus was literally on his knees with his hands underneath the baby's body. I couldn't believe it. Apart from the baby's feet, he had pretty much delivered her."

Well-wishers were quick to praise Marcus's quick-thinking actions, with one writing: "Look how he is looking at his little sister - full of love. Special bond between them. And besides he might have just found what he wants to be as a grown up. He doesn't look like he is scarred or traumatised at all." Another joked: "'So, dad, I think now would be a good time to talk about my allowance...'"