Grandmother makes new friend on Thanksgiving after hilarious text message mix up

Emmy Griffiths

After grandmother Wanda Dench messaged her grandson to arrange Thanksgiving plans, she had a hilarious surprise when she realised she had sent the message to the wrong person – who ended up at her house for dinner anyway!


Wanda and Jamal posed for a selfie on Thanksgiving

Wanda texted what she thought was her grandson and his girlfriend, writing: "Let me know if you are coming. Hope to see you all," but accidentally sent the message to Arizona-based teenager Jamal Hinton, who asked for a photo of the grandma before responding with a selfie of his own, playfully writing: "You not my grandma. Can I still get a plate though?" 

Wanda took Jamal's request in her stride, replying: "Of course you can… that's what grandma's do… feed everyone." The sweet text exchange quickly went viral, with many well-wishers hoping that the 17-year-old really would celebrate the American holiday with Wanda and her family.

Jamal revealed he really did spend some of the holiday with the grandma for the celebration of Friday, and shared a snap of himself with Wanda on Twitter, writing: "So this just happened," which received over 66 thousand retweets. He told local news ABC15: "She welcomed me into her house, so that shows me how great of a person she is. I'm thankful for people like that." A reporter also tweeted the couple meeting for the first time, writing: "The most anticipated #Thanksgiving dinner of the year! #canIgetaplate #grandmaWanda #abc15." People were quick to praise the story, with one writing: "OMG! That's OUTSTANDING. Excellent Grandma work." Another added: "This is so beautiful! I miss my grandma! Tell the world's [best] grandma hello and Happy Thanksgiving to you both!"