Conjoined twins see each other for the first time

Emmy Griffiths

Following a surgery to separate the two babies, twin boys Jadon and Anias were snapped looking at each other for the very first time since their birth.

The two boys, aged 14-months-old, underwent a 27-hour surgery to become separate. According to their grandmother, Christine Pogliano Grosso, the baby boys are doing well. She told HELLO! Online: "They are doing so great… beyond what the doctors expected at this point." Their surgeon, Dr James Goodrich, also opened up about the twins' recovery, telling CNN: "Historically, this will be the fastest [recovery]."


The twins are recovering well

Christine spoke about the beautiful photo of little Jadon and Anias seeing each other for the first time. "They just stared at each other," she revealed. "It was amazing. They recognize each other by their sounds, I think. They had never seen each other, obviously, so they know each other by their sounds. It was exciting to see." According to the doctors, Anais has recovered most quickly from surgery, and lead plastic surgeon Dr Oren Tepper told CNN: "In a way, kind of staying conjoined and attached was inhibiting him and not letting his body recover and do the things he was capable of doing. But when they got separated it was time for him to fly on his own -- and he's doing just that."


The twins underwent a 27-hour surgery

After the babies had their bandages removed, their mum Nicole McDonald opened up about seeing them by themselves. She said: "It's the most amazing thing. I just can't even believe it. And look at his little hair. On top, it's growing in!" Well-wishers have been quick to send their best regarding the twins' swift recovery, with one writing: "They are so cute. Beautiful little miracles", while another wrote: "Such cuties! My heart is full of joy looking at this picture!"