See the adorable Polish Christmas advert that is melting hearts - we defy you not to cry!

Emmy Griffiths

A Polish advert for auction site Allegro has sent the Internet into a frenzy, with many claiming that the heart-warming two-minute story has beaten even John Lewis and Marks and Spencers for the best Christmas advert this year.

In the video, an older man is seen using Allegro's website to order English translation books, and upon delivery, begins to obsessively teach himself the language. Taking the task seriously, the man uses the books, post-it notes and the help of his little dog to learn the new language, repeating words and phrases to himself over and over again to get it right.

He then receives a suitcase from the site and travels to the UK, where you discover he has journeyed to surprise his son and his daughter-in-law, and has been learning English so he can greet his young granddaughter for the very first time, telling her: "Hi. I'm your grandpa." Fans have been quick to discuss the sweet video, which has already received over six million views on YouTube, with one writing: "The grandpa in this #ad from #Polish auction site #Allegro may be the new champion of #Christmas." Another added: "The polish xmas advert just destroys every other ad going. It's mad." 

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