15 creative ideas you can do with Elf on the Shelf before Christmas

Emmy Griffiths

With just 15 days left to go before Christmas Eve, now is the best time to really convince your little ones that that helpful Elf on the Shelf is keeping his eye on who is on the nice list to report back to Santa Claus himself! That being said, it doesn't mean that the Elf can't get into some mischief himself! Here are our favourite ideas on how you can make the elf's adventures truly convincing!

Buffy star Sarah Michelle Geller is a huge advocate of the Elf on the Shelf for her two children, Charlotte and Rocky, and set up a mini bowling alley for the elf and his friends. Using a small chalkboard and some accessories, it'll be easy to convince your children that while they were sleeping the elf and his buddies were enjoying a games night!


Coleen Rooney keeps two of her three sons, Kai and Klay, well behaved before Christmas with the help of their elf friends and introduced them last year (along with a new lady elf) with a fun sign which read: "Kai and Klay. We're back! We are so excited to be spending December at your lovely home. Hopefully you are going to be very good boys so we can tell Father Christmas. Meet our new friend, Emma. Eddie + Ernie."


Coleen also loved teasing the boys by keeping the elves busy in the evenings, including having Eddie, Ernie and Emma bake cupcakes while they were asleep!


American show Ghost Adventures co-host Aaron Goodwin has certainly taken his elf on the shelf to new levels of spooky, by having his elf take an adventure through a snowy forest using cotton and Christmas angels to create the elf's eerie adventure.


Elf on the shelf isn't just for children! Help your elf wreak havoc in the office in the best way – by making him make photocopies of himself and sticking them everywhere!


Recruit your child's other toys to join in on your Christmas-themed capers with the elf! In this case, the elf is a key character in the next Toy Story instalment as he escapes onto the bannister with the help of Woody and Buzz Lightyear!


Your children will be shocked when the naughty elf gets away with making trouble around the house! In this case, the elf has artistically made minion friends out of some bananas while holding onto the pen to prove he was the culprit!


Uh oh! If your child is a huge fan of Jurassic Park, chances are they will be surprised if they discover the elf has ran afoul of all of their dinosaur toys!


The cheeky elf could spend one of the days on the run up to Christmas under the mistletoe! These hilarious parents had their child's Barbie dolls lining up to steal a kiss from him!


Star Wars fan? Spot the elf in the Darth Vader mask joining in with the Dark side of the Force!


Uh oh! If you're feeling adventurous (and don't mind tidying up) you could even have your naughty elf tip over the Christmas tree while trying to decorate! Mum Katie had the clumsy elf wrapped in fairy lights for her children to find in this sweet Instagram snap!


 Uh oh, keep Queen Elsa away from the elf! It might take a lot of effort, but if having the ice Queen freeze your poor elf into a block of ice won't convince your child he's real, nothing will!


Have your elf make snow angels with powdered sugar – it'll be easy to clean up and it will make them look like they've been up to no good! 


Up up and away! Help your elf reach new heights (and reenact Pixar's Up) with the adorable balloon idea! Luckily your little one won't be able to copy his naughty antics either! 


Have your other toys join the elf for a good old fashioned game of 'Elf Twister' this Christmas - all you need to do is print a mini Twister game on a plain piece of paper and have whichever toys you can find join in on the fun! 


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