Surgeon operates on a little boy's stuffed toy - see the sweet pic!

Emmy Griffiths

A doctor in Wisconsin, USA has 'operated' on a nine-year-old boy's stuffed animal to help make the little boy feel "comfortable and safe".  

In a sweet Facebook post, the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin shared a snap of Dr Travis Groth mending young Ryan's Monsters Inc Mike Wazowski doll. The caption read: "Check out this picture from our operating room. After performing surgery on a young boy, Dr. Groth made the extra effort to perform an additional surgery on the boy's best friend — his stuffed animal. Our doctors, nurses and staff go out of their way to make sure every child feels comfortable and safe. Whether it’s stitching up their favourite toy or dressing up as their favourite character, we know how to make children feel better."


A doctor helped mend a little boy's doll

Ryan has had eight surgeries throughout his life, and is always accompanied by his Mike Wazowski doll, which helps comfort him. A spokesperson confirmed that Ryan was doing well following his surgery, telling People magazine: "Both Ryan and Mike are recovering well at home." Meanwhile, the Facebook post has received 13 thousand likes, and well-wishers have been quick to praise the doctor for going the extra mile. "It takes a special kind of person to work with children," one wrote. "Its not easy dealing with little people who are scared and in pain. Wonderful staff!" "Great hospital. When my son had to be under for a procedure they had to pull a loose tooth. It turns out the tooth fairy comes there too. Along with his tooth was a $1 with him in the recovery room," another added.

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