Dog comforted by cuddly toys after her puppies die

Emmy Griffiths

People have been touched by the story about Twinkle the dog, who became deeply attached to three stuffed toys that her owner gave to her after her three puppies sadly died during birth. According to Xavier Hernandez, who tweeted a sad snap of the dog surrounded by the stuffed animals, Twinkle has been comforted by the toys. He told BuzzFeed: "She doesn't do anything without them and wouldn't let anyone touch them."

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Twinkle's puppies died during birth

He originally tweeted two photos of little Twinkle with the toys, writing: "So my dog was pregnant and she lost all 3 of her puppies so my mum bought her these toys and she thinks they're her puppies...breaks my [heart]." People were quick to react to the sad photos, which have already received over 30,000 favourites on Twitter. One wrote: "Her sad wittle face literally breaks me into piece." Another added: "This is so sad. I'm sorry. I wonder if you can contact a shelter? There may be puppies who need a mama."

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The stuffed toys have comforted her

Xavier has now started a GoFundMe to help his dog. Aiming to raise $250, the description reads: "After the tragedy of my rescue dog twinkle having three still born puppies, she is now very depressed and I am trying to raise money to buy another companion and maybe a spa day to help make her feel like herself again."