Photo of heartbroken father saying goodbye to newborn son goes viral

Marty and Simone Tonkin's baby son died shortly after being delivered by C-section

Emmy Griffiths

A devastated father was photographed saying goodbye to his newborn baby son Nixon, who tragically passed away just half an hour after being born due to complications during the birth. Marty and Simone Tonkin's baby son Nixon suffered brain injuries and a fatal haemorrhage while being delivered by C-section three years ago. Now, a family friend of the heartbroken parents is raising funds for the couple, explaining that Simone has suffered from PTSD, anxiety and depression since the tragic loss of her baby son.

Sharing the picture on Instagram, the friend wrote: "Meet Marty, he is Nixon's dad - gentle souled, loves his family, is Simone's loving husband, daddy to Nixon & now sweet Knox (2). Strongest man I've met - emotionally. Carried Nixon's casket in at his service and how he made his legs move with the soul breaking task ahead is seriously a moment I personally will never forget."

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A family friend shared the touching photo

She continued: "He works endlessly at his family business, supports Sim, is a wonderful dad & to his friends a great mate. I just thought you should know a little about him & how much of a relief and load of his shoulders it will be when we hit this target and he can start to slow a little, catch his breath and let us have his back for a little. Please donate what you can & SHARE far and wide. A HUGE thank you to those who have shared, donated and held them in their heart. We can do this, we are doing this for a gorgeous family who need a hand."

On the fundraising page, she wrote: "Three years of PTSD, anxiety & depression has made it almost impossible for Simone to function – but she is functioning – just – working part time, raising a toddler and fighting the barrage of anxiety, flashbacks and nightmares; supported nobly by her also grieving, wonderful husband Marty. They really could do with a hand and that is where we can help (because they would NEVER ask)."  

You can find the fundraising page here.