Four-year-old girl steals the show with dramatic 'Moana' performance

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A little girl showed her love of Pixar's Moana by outshining her classmates with a dramatic performance of the film's main song, How Far I'll Go. Sophia, four, belts out the words to the song with plenty of emotion, hand gestures and even some dance moves!

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The curly-haired youngster belts out the popular song as her classmates glance at her, and audience members can be heard giggling at her confident antics. One person wrote: "I think ONE of the most amazing things about her performance is that she didn't nail one of her co-stars with her flailing about! Very nice to see a young-un showing so much passion AND restraint at the same time! You go, Sophia," while another added: "She FEELS the music! How beautiful! What a superb little lady!"


ABC News spoke to Sophia's mum, Michelle Neshin, about the performance. "She has a huge, huge personality," Michelle said. "She… has a corky personality but that was something else even for her... I had never seen them because they were a surprise for the parents. At the end, the lady comes on stage and said, 'The kids would like to come out and say goodbye and do one sweet number to thank everyone.' It didn't really hit me until after the graduation when all the parents went and found their kid and gave them flowers and people were coming up saying to me, 'Is it awful I stopped videotaping my own kid to video yours?'"

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Little Sophia stole the show

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According to Michelle, Sophia's favourite thing about her new found fame is the food! She joked: "A family friend left her a cookie cake at the door with a little note thanking her for bringing joy and laughter today. That, to her, has been the biggest thing so far. It's all about the cookie cake."

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