Six girls become friends after going on a date with the same guy in one night

What would you do if you realised your date had met with several other girls on the same evening?

A group of girls in the US have become friends after realising that they all had a date with the same guy in one night. The first girl to arrive at the date, Lisette Pylant, tweeted about the events as they were taking place, leading to hilarious results. She explained: "So I go on what I think might be a date with a guy my friends set me up with on my birthday... We meet up at a bar my friend works at. Said friend proceeds to text me telling me this guy sucks and I should run. I show up and he sucks but I figure I'll stay because my friends are working at the bar. So 45 mins in, his next date shows up because he double books himself."

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Some Twitter users compared the story to the plot of John Tucker Must Die 

Lisette soon realised that this wasn't an accident and explained the situation to the second girl while the guy was momentarily absent, the pair remained to chat to him when a third girl arrived. Lisette continued: "The guy leaves again and Riley, Katie, and I team up… The two girls and I have now gotten both bartenders and the bouncer in on this and are taking this guy for all he's worth over here. He's now explaining why he broke up with his ex and Riley asked if he also met her on a 'group date'. Don't worry - we already asked if there's going to be a rose ceremony."

She hilariously added: "The two girls and I decided to be best friends, left together to go get drinks and dinner at another bar and left homeboy with the bill." The story only becomes more unbelievable as a total of six girls eventually arrive to meet the same person, and eventually join Lisette and her new friends at another bar. Lisette continued: "The bartender just texted us to tell us homeboy is on another date so I sent my friend over to retrieve his 8pm date. I'm stealing his dates and making them my friends."

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She concluded the story by sharing a snap of herself at the bar with her new friends, writing: "You win some, you lose some - but hopefully you make three new best friends in the process. Cheers ladies." Twitter users were quick to comment on the story, with one writing: "The 68-year-old grandmother feels like she's right there at the bar with you! Thanks for sharing. Great fun," while another added: "This thread is amazing. I bow down before greatness."

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