Toddler trying to eat onion

WATCH: Adorable toddler eats onion after refusing to believe it's not an apple

This toddler definitely sticks to his guns!

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A hilarious video of a toddler eating an onion after refusing to believe it's not an apple has become an internet sensation. The poster captioned the funny video: "Mum, can I have this apple?' 'That's not an apple! That's an onion!' 'No it's not!' 'Alright, If you insist'." They jokily added: "When you rather die than admitting an error." In the sweet video, the toddler is clearly struggling while munching on a raw onion, but persists despite their eyes watering and grimacing at the taste. People were quick to discuss the video, which was shared on Reddit, with their own tales about how stubborn they were when they were little.


The tot refused to stop eating the onion

One person commented: "When I was six my mum told me I couldn't leave the dinner table until I ate my broccoli so I… slept at the table all night. In the morning she threw away the broccoli, sent me to school, and we never spoke of it again." Another added: "That reminds me of a time I gave a mate double-salt Dutch liquorice. I told him to keep sucking on it… The look on his face was priceless. After a few minutes he was like ... "BUT WHEN?!"

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Mom, can I have this apple? -That's not an an apple! That's an onion! -No it's not! -Alright, If you insist.. (When you rather die than admitting an error) from r/funny

One mum added: "In [my daughter's] case she insisted the sour cream in the fridge was yogurt and proceeded to eat it with a spoon, she announced that ALL the yogurt in the fridge had gone bad and would not accept that the particular container she chose was in fact sour cream)… It is genetic though, I decided one day I liked lemons and nobody could talk me out of it. I actually do love lemons and eat them like they are fruit (horrible for the teeth though). But I know my mom was hoping I would cave and admit how sour they are." Others were quick to offer the parent advice, with one joking: "Never buy apples again. Just buy onions and put apple stickers on them." Another person wrote: "I seriously pity the parents of that child if that level of stubbornness persists forever."

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