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Sainsbury's praised for helping employee diagnosed with Alzheimers

The company thanked Mrs Salomon for her hard work following the Twitter thread

Sainsbury's has received praise after a son took to Twitter to thank them for helping his mum, who was diagnosed with Alzheimers in 2013, to keep her job. Doron Salomon revealed that following his mother's diagnosis, the company kept her on for as long as they possibly could, finding roles for her that she could manage while dealing with the disease, and Doron said that their efforts made her feel "happy" and "valued" while dealing with the difficult diagnosis. Doron wrote: "My mum has Alzheimer's. It first started to affect her in her early 50s (around 10 years ago) but it's a disease that is hard to be clinically diagnosed with whilst it's in its early stages."


Doron thanks Sainsbury's for helping his mother

He continued: "She was eventually diagnosed in late 2013... When my mum first began to show signs of the disease she was working as a bookkeeper. Formerly a very organised person who was good with numbers it became obvious quite quickly she could no longer do her job effectively. Whilst still perfectly able to contribute in a lesser skilled job, in mid-2012 she applied for and was offered a job at a Sainsbury's as part of their in-store 'picker' team, putting together people's online orders for delivery."


Doron praised Sainsbury's for helping his mum

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Explaining how Sainsbury's helped, Doron wrote: "Since being diagnosed late in 2013 Sainsbury's were made aware of every medical update and have been outstanding ever since... They have always stood by her, going above and beyond to make sure she's happy and feeling valued. A few of the things Sainsbury's have done: offered regular retraining; changed her hours; had regular welfare meetings with her and my dad; ensured her colleagues were aware of her condition so they were able to help her; and even created a role that didn't exist so that there was something in-store she could do despite the fact her job title has never changed from 'picker'."


The store responded thanking his mum

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Sainsburys responded to Doron's message, simply writing: "No, thank YOU Mrs Salomon." People were quick to discuss the story, with one writing: "Well done Doron for sharing your Mum’s story. So much negativity on here it is good to read something positive about how people treat each other. Awful disease for your Mum and your family to deal with. Stay strong," while another added: "Reading this with tears in my eyes. My dad has had dementia for 20 years now. He was in his 60s when he was diagnosed. Love to you and to your mum. I'm glad to be a Sainsbury's customer today." Doron encouraged readers to make a donation to Alzheimer's Research UK here. 

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