King Juan Carlos of Spain (centre left) and Syrian President Bashar Al Asad (centre right) watch a traditional dancer at the Umayyad mosque in Damascus
Photo: AFP
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Danish Queen Margrethe enthusiastically greets Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg as he arrives in Copenhagen
Photo: AFP


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With summer holidays now just a memory, the royal families of Europe are back to their duties and that means, for many of them, being back on the road.

While Queen Rania of Jordan stayed close to home, addressing the Euro-Mediterranean Forum of Women Parliamentarians in Amman, other royals from Luxembourg and Spain, to be exact were on official visits abroad.

King Juan Carlos of Spain was joined by his wife Queen Sofia as he kicked off a high-profile tour of Syria, accompanied by the country's president, Bashar Al Asad. The Spanish royals, who will be in the country for three days, enjoyed a private dinner with the president and his wife in Damascus, and also toured cultural highlights such as the National Museum and the eighth-century Umayyad mosque.

Meanwhile, Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg was met with a warm greeting from Queen Margrethe of Denmark as he arrived in the scenic city of Copenhagen. The Grand Duke, along with his wife, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, will be in Denmark for three days as well.

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