George and Brad bring some square-jawed Tinseltown glamour to Monte Carlo. In their new movie the two hunks do their best to steal diamonds, rather than lose them
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American model Bridget Hall shows off the 59,60 carat diamond, before it went crashing out of Jaguar's possession
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Brad Pitt and George Clooney caused quite a stir at the Monaco Grand Prix on Sunday, when they jetted in to see the motor racing world's most glamorous event. Matt Damon was also seen mingling with the Monegasque royals at the side of the winding circuit, but all those present got something of a surprise when a gem of a publicity stunt went wrong.

The Tinseltown hunks came along to help promote their new heist movie, Ocean's 12, which tells the story of a diamond robbery. The Jaguar team had agreed to fit a real gem to the nose cone of each of its cars in an effort to drum up publicity, but the plan backfired when driver Christian Klien crashed his vehicle and lost the 140,000 jewel.

The stone went missing somewhere between the collision itself and the car arriving back in the Jaguar garage two hours later. "That will be the most expensive drive I'll ever take around Monte Carlo," said the red-faced driver afterwards.

But losing the rock couldn't take the glitter out of Sunday's high-octane fun, as Princess Caroline and Prince Albert were joined by the likes of Lionel Richie and Naomi Campbell. Monaco's 80-year-old ruler Prince Rainier, who has recently recovered from a heart operation, was also enjoying the race.


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