A boho-look Daryl takes time out for a solitary walk on Oahu's beautiful North Shore beaches
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The Hollywood actress, who was in Hawaii to film a dolphin documentary, met up with friends to watch the RipCurl Masters surfing contest, which attracts the biggest names in the sport
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Daryl Hannah was enjoying a warmer pre-Christmas season than most this week as she took in the RipCurl Pro Pipeline Masters Surfing Contest in Hawaii. Making a boho statement in a white cotton sundress and embroidered shawl, the Splash star looked relaxed as she walked barefoot along the white sandy beaches of the island of Oahu.

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Chicago-born Daryl was taking time out from filming a documentary about the healing qualities of swimming with dolphins, which she has been working on over on the main island of Hawaii.

Neighbouring Oahu - which is Hawaii's third largest island - offers some the world's most spectacular surfing. In the winter its North Shore area sees some of the largest waves on Earth, drawing top surfers, including world surfing champion Kelly Slater, every year.

The beautiful archipelago offers a host of other water sports based activities, such as snorkelling, diving and kite-surfing, as well as horse-riding trips along the beach and into the islands' lush interiors.

As a keen environmentalist, Daryl will no doubt also be keen to take in the nearby Mokoluka Islands bird sanctuary, where visitors can also enjoy close encounters with turtles. And, if she's feeling particularly energetic, she can take a hike to Oahu's Diamond State National Park to enjoy views of the capital Honolulu, where the best restaurants and hotels are to be found.


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