1 AUGUST 2007

After hiring a small yacht for a day trip along the coast, ever-youthful Goldie, 61, enjoyed a swim in the turquoise waters of the Aegean while Kurt put some muscle into rowing a dinghy. The nautical outing will no doubt have brought back memories of their appearance in the hit 1987 comedy Overboard. Whatever they were talking and reminiscing about, they certainly seemed to be enjoying the break, with Russell creasing up with laughter during a stop at a local taverna.

Home to charming villages such as Oia, with its white cuboid houses and blue-domed churches set on the steep cliffside, Santorini owes its peculiar, twin-peaked, arched shape and black-sand beaches to its volcanic past. The original caldera, a seven-mile crater, forms the harbour and is where visitors flock to catch stunning sunsets. The island's capital, Fira, is equally quirky - reached by a flight of 600 steps. Perched on a cliff, it's best reached by mule or cable car.

Photo: Rex
The stunning mum-of-three takes a dip in the warm, crystal clear sea off the coast of Santorini
Photo: Rex
Her partner of 25 years, meanwhile, opted to keep his feet dry by rowing across the sparkling water in a dinghy
Photo: Rex
Kurt and his Overboard co-star, who dropped in at a local taverna, enjoyed a laughter-filled outing together