Delvaux handbags at Antwerp's ModeMuseum

Dior, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Chloe... and, in Belgium, Delvaux. Discover the story behind this prestigious brand of handbags in a unique exhibition.

Delvaux has long been the name chosen by the most discerning Belgian customers, and the firm counts among its devotees the ladies of the royal court, including Queen Paola herself. The firm has now been in business for 180 years and, to celebrate, MOMU, the fashion museum of Antwerp, is presenting the exhibition Delvaux. 180 years of Belgian luxury. The exhibition offers a journey through the history of this, the oldest company in the world to produce luxury handmade leather goods, particularly travel goods and handbags. The tour shows how Delvaux has adapted to its clients' needs since the very first sales were made to local nobility in the nineteenth century through to the advent of the modern handbag in the twentieth century. Alongside this is set the story of the changes in transport and travel during the period - from horse-drawn carriages through to ocean liners, the arrival of the railways, cars, and aircraft - which influenced and moulded trends and fashion in leather goods.


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