Tortuga Lodge: an eco-tourism paradise in Costa Rica

A 30-kilometre beach of fine white sand, coconut groves, mangrove swamps, pink flamingos, herons, alligators and, above all, sea turtles, make up the scenery of this unique haven located in Tortuguero National Park on Costa Rica's Caribbean coast.

This eco-lodge is more than a simple reflection of its setting, a unique landscape criss-crossed by waterways that, at certain times of year, offers the amazing natural spectacle of giant turtles laying their eggs on the beaches. The adventure begins even before reaching the hotel, as access is by boat. Once there, all you have to do is enjoy yourself, whether you're staying in one of the nine comfortable beachfront villas, each divided into two rooms with private bathrooms and accommodation for up to seven guests, or in one of the 12 spacious triple rooms, equipped with fans and mosquito nets. Here there are no excessive luxuries, but instead, you have the simple pleasure of waking up in the midst of tropical vegetation and the opportunity to explore the park.

At lunch, fish forms the basis of delicious dishes served overlooking the beach. And of course more adventures await guests in Costa Rica, a mecca for nature trips, where the region's varied ecosystem is waiting to be discovered. Here, there are active volcanoes that can be reached on foot or on horseback, untamed rivers that forge their way between the verdant undergrowth, and forests where the most fabulous birds make their home and nature is there to be enjoyed at its purest.

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