Hotel du Palais: five-star luxury in Biarritz

Set right on the Grande Plage, cradled by the waves of the Atlantic, the sumptuous attic rooms of this majestic hotel are fitted out like the staterooms of a boat.

The classical Second Empire style of the Hotel du Palais preserves the ambience of an era of splendour and glamour. A look at the history of the building that was once the summer palace of Emperor Napoleon III and his Empress Eugenie de Montijo reveals its role as a rendez-vous for aristocratic travellers and lovers of luxury. Kings, princes and artists have enjoyed the magnificence of the hotel, located on the world famous beach front at Biarritz. The hotel style dates from the Belle Epoque, and the spirit of that age endures in the ubiquitous refinement and clear taste for the exquisite: it's a perfect example of the French art de vivre.

On the fifth floor, the attic rooms are decorated in clipper ship cabin style, giving you the chance to embark on your own personal voyage from staterooms aboard the hotel anchored alongside the Grande Plage. Through porthole-shaped windows, you can listen to the sound of the waves and the cries of the gulls. The deep blue Atlantic is always in sight, and there's a tang of the sea in the breeze.

The six rooms and four suites of the attic space, elegantly furnished and equipped with the latest technology, offer all the glamour and allure of a luxury cruise, without the possibility of suffering an attack of mal de mer. The passageway is finished in fine wood, the skylights open onto a slate roof and the rooms are decorated with details - bells, clocks, astrolabes, compasses, sea chests... - that conjure a maritime atmosphere. The names of the "cabins" refer to characters associated with the sea, including Jean Cocteau, and Hemingway who spent time in the town where his novel The Sun Also Rises is set.

Some of the rooms at the Hotel du Palais also boast a small terrace where you also enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the beach at Biarritz, an elegant town where the arrival of spring heralds a programme full of cultural activities and events connected to the sea and water sports.

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