Spanish golf greens with sea views

In the south of Spain, the mild climate along the coast allows for year-round golfing; here well-kept greens, shaded by palms and eucalyptus, look out over the blue of the Mediterranean and across to Africa.

Offering the highest concentration of golf courses in Europe, the province of Andalusia in southern Spain is a micro-universe of gently undulating green with a climate that's the envy of many a northern European country. It's a small corner of paradise, apparently designed especially for golfers. With the sea as backdrop and palm trees shading the greens, the golf courses along the coast must be some of the most beautiful in the world. A far cry from the crazy golf and putting greens of the traditional English seaside, they boast mimosa, eucalyptus, olive, citrus, pine and other native trees and shrubs. Set alongside sand dunes and the clear waters of the Mediterranean, with blue skies overhead, what else do you need to tempt you to pick up your clubs and head for the green?

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