Spanish forests go for autumn gold

If your experience of Spain is limited to the Mediterranean beaches, the sunny golfing enclaves of the south or the monuments and museums of the big cities, it may surprise you to find that almost 30% of the country's total land area is covered by forest. And the changing colours of autumn make this the ideal time to take a look at some of the lesser known areas of the country.

The days are getting shorter, the sun's summer strength is waning, and the leaves on the trees are beginning to take on a whole host of colours from the earth-tone palette: flaming yellow and vermilion, coppery red, rusty orange, gold, ochre, sienna, and all the shades in between. Autumn is undoubtedly here and Nature has a treat in store for us in the glorious arboreal art of the over 14 million hectares of forests and woods across Spain. The season is full of romance and dreams; noiselessly, the leaves begin to fall, a soft wind whispers, encouraging us to venture in between the trees to walk on a soft carpet of leaves into the heart of the woods. From north to south, the Iberian peninsula is slowly wrapping herself in sweet autumnal melancholy.

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