The weather is ice, wish you were here!

How do you fancy sleeping on a bed of ice? Or savouring Sami specialities in a restaurant where the tables are made out of blocks of ice? Being driven to your hotel in an Arctic taxi – otherwise known as a sleigh? Or maybe even tying the knot at temperatures below zero?

Ice tourism is the latest thing for adventurous travellers and, now winter's on its way, the ice and snow hotels of northern Europe are getting ready for business once again. So, if you're one of those who knows a little cold won't hurt you, it's time to get your skates on and head north, while the polar ice cap is still there to be enjoyed. Get to know the inhospitable lands of the north while enjoying a warm welcome at a friendly ice hotel – maybe even sleep in an igloo! If you're not ready to spend your whole holiday below zero, you could always try the Ice Bar in Barcelona - a truly original hot spot.

There's nothing like first hand experience, but for those who can't manage to get away for the ultimate in winter breaks, we've got some cool pictures for you to enjoy from the comfort – and warmth – of your own computer connection.

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