Staying with the stars

From the Caribbean to New York, from Florida to Australia, the rich and famous are used to travelling the world and staying in the most luxurious of hotels. Now, there's a trend for the stars themselves to take over and open up their own hotels, and, of course, they know how to do it in style.

Maybe it's their own tendency to demand the little – and sometimes not so little – luxuries when they themselves travel; maybe it's just a whim, or another outlet for their creative talents; perhaps they want to set their stamp on a high-profile luxury business project, or perhaps it's simply another investment opportunity. Whatever the reason, many actors, musicians, sports and fashion celebrities are diversifying and becoming owners of exclusive hotels. And staying in one of these high-class resorts and hotels is a sure way to feel like a star yourself.

Then there's always the chance you might just meet up with the owner: maybe bump into Bono at the bar in the magnificent Clarence Hotel in Dublin, or find Francis Ford Coppola at his beautiful Belize retreat. How do you fancy the undoubtedly fashionable options of the Palazzo Versace or Oscar de La Renta's Tortuga Bay Villas? Perhaps you'd rather spend those summer nights on Olivia Newton-John's Australian resort? We invite you to dream a little as we take a peek inside some of the hotels of the stars.

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