Timeless views of France's most beautiful villages

Chocolate-box scenery, monumental and architectural gems, narrow streets studded with picturesque medieval houses, majestic natural settings... the reasons these French villages are beautiful are many and varied, as our photo gallery shows:

All across France, from Provence to Brittany, from Normandy to Aquitaine, there are villages, some well-known, some less so, where an atmosphere of peace reigns and the only thing to do is to take your time and explore them step by step. In total there's a list of 152 that have qualified to listed among Les Plus Beaux Villages de Francethe most beautiful villages of France. These hamlets and rural towns, with their cobbled streets and quaint corners, their castles, churches and chateaux, will make you feel as if you're walking on the set of a historical movie. How do you fancy making your next getaway a trip out of time?

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